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Dragon Paint Tutorials Great resource for learning character illustration and digital painting.


Steel Dolphin Steel Dolphin Creative has one of the best tutorials on how to import your line drawing in Photoshop for digital coloring.


Blambot Blambot has excellent comic book fonts, both commercial and free, and also a few articles dealing with comics creation and lettering.


Atland Apart from the great comic strip by Nate Piekos (who is also one of the masterminds behind the Blambot! site), you can find articles on drawing and creating a comic strip in the "Bits and Pieces" menu option.


Portrait art tutorials This is a portrait art tutorial site, with lessons on sketching and drawing faces, tutorials on digital art, an overview of art and drawing techniques, art supplies, book recommendations, anatomy, and much more.


Several excellent Photoshop resources. They are not listed in any particular order.

Fractured SanityFractured Sanity is a resource-site for graphic programs, offering you a wide range of brushes, textures, patterns and tutorials. They are all found in the "Downloads" section.


Obsidian DawnObsidian Dawn has a superb collection of brushes, patterns and tutorials that has been featured in several graphic design magazines. Check it out.


Domen LombergarDomen Lombergar's site has many Photoshop and AfterEffects video tutorials, as well as samples of his surreal artwork.


idigitalemotion Eye Digital Emotion treasure trove of Photoshop tutorials ranges from digital creation and coloring to Web design.


Several of my favorite artists online...

The following list is ordered alphabetically. My "personal top 3" artists are Frazetta, Royo,and Brom, Althhough this is only about modern art, I should add that I also like the Preraphaelites and the works of Doré, Durer, Rackham, and Bosch.

I originally intended to list only sites of individual artists, but the following companies' sites are a must-see as well. A pity they don't list the names of the great talents they have among their ranks (which is usually why I normally don't like listing companies in my gallery links... too faceless):

  • Glyphx—loved the work they did for thorougly enjoyable games Drakan and Advent Rising. Still, I would prefer knowing he name of the actual artists involved. (Update 4/29/09: the site's gone, which is a pity. Well, I'll miss them, together with Troika, Black Isle Studios, Looking Glass Studios, etc.).

  • Massive Black—sponsors of ConceptArt.org, and yet another reason I bang my head on the wall for getting a graduate degree in English instead of design.


NoSpec The NO!SPEC campaign: to serves as a vehicle to unite those who support the notion that spec work devalues the potential of design and ultimately does a disservice to the client. Their mission: To educate the public about speculative, or 'spec' work. Highly recommended read.


Arvixe Web HostingI spent a few sleepless nights searching for a good and, well, inexpensive hosting solution since my wallet is rather thin these days. From the top 5 in my final list, I decided to try Arvixe, and I'm glad I did. The quality of the resources and services is as good or better than many other (and MORE costly) Web hosts. Don't just take my word for it, visit their site, and check out the excellent reviews at FindMyHosting and HostSearch.


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